Anchor Bay Co-Op Preschool Philosophy

We believe that our program should provide a stimulating and creative atmosphere. The environment is carefully planned to help each child learn to be independent and to make choices. Yet, there are limits set that make the child feel secure. Preschool provides an opportunity for a child to become familiar with a group setting, to develop self-expression, creativity, a sense of responsibility, and an interest in learning. Through varied activities, each child is allowed to broaden the spectrum of his/her preschool experience.

Preschool is a learning experience for parents as well as children. Parents will be able to observe children through various methods of child guidance and problem solving. A co-op preschool helps parents gain greater understanding and enjoyment of there own children as they share this very important chapter in their child’s life.

Co-Operative Preschool Philosophy

A co-operative preschool is, as the name implies, teachers and parents working cooperatively to establish an environment in which a child can grow and develop according to his or her individual needs. The involvement and commitment of the parents in a co-op reinforces the happy experiences for the young child in one of his/her first ventures away from home.

The preschool is a child-sized world devoted to a child’s main business – playing! This is laying the groundwork for the more specific and formal academic learning that will follow in years to come.